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I have made this page to help people that are on webtv, and wish to do html in their e-mails. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. I would be happy to help in anyway that I can. Also you can post your questions in my message board. I or someone else will answer it.
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Html is used to make images, backgrounds, and music in your e-mail. I will go through a step by step guide to show you how to use html.

You will need to go to your signature box, you can find it in your settings. In your sig box you will need to type:


At the very top. Make sure you do that. Then put in all the codes that you want. After you are done putting all the codes in, you will need to put in:


At the very end. If you don't, you will not be able to make anything work.

First thing is to learn backgrounds.

The background code is:

<body background="http://url here" text="color that you want your text to be here"></body>

Thats it, now you will have background! To get the url of a background, you will need to click on to the background, then hit info, and it will tell you the url.

There are a lot of colors you can use for your text, if you like Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. You can use them, or any colors you want.

Click here, to go to my color chart for more colors to pick from.

Now to do an image.

The code is:

<img src="http://url here">

That's it.

If you want your image to be centered.

The code is:

<center><img src="http://url here"></center>

If you want to size your image.

The code is:

<img src="http://url here" height="100" width="50">

play around with the height and width.

To get the url code, just click on the image, then hit info, there's the url.


If you want your music to go on and on.

The code is:

<embed src="http://url here" autostart="true" loop="infinite">

If you wanted a clickable speaker.

The code is:

<embed src="http://url of song here">

Now you have clickable sound!

To get the url code of a song you want, you must click onto the song, then hit your "goto" button, then hit show last. This will show your song's url.

How to do color words in your sig box.

If you want to put words in your e-mail, the code is:

<font size="+2"><font color="color here"> words here</font>

In my sig box, I put my e-mail name like this,


You can replace the font numbers with -2 through +7 to get different sizes.

You can make all your words in:

Bold print: <b> </b>

Italics: <i> </i>

Underline: <u> </u>

Typewriter: <tt> </tt>

And a line through your words is: <s> </s>

So the code would look like this:

<font size="+2"><font color="color here"><u>words here</u></font>


If you want a line break.


The line break tag has no ending tag.

So that would be:

<br><font size="+2"><font color="color here">words here</font>


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