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To do images the code is:

<img src="http://url code here">

Remember to get the url code, just click on the image, then hit info, there's the url.

wildeyes.gif 13.5k {animated}

alien.gif 7k

angel2.gif 18k {animated}

Ariel-03.gif 3.7k {Thanks Frodo}

bfly.gif 18.9k {animated}

bfly2.gif 21.0k {animated}

bflyleft.gif 22.7k {animated}

bflyline.gif 7.4k

blackhole.gif 11k {animated}

blcateyes.gif 18k {animated}

bluewizard.gif 14.1k {animated}

bookline.gif 8.3k

butterline.gif 4k

chandelier.gif 4k {animated}

crystalball.gif 13k {animated}

dolphin.gif 39.0k {animated}

dove.gif 38.6k {animated}

dragonwalking.gif 35k {animated}

fairy.gif 12.0k {animated}

fairy2.gif 37k

fairy3.gif 12k {animated}

fancybar.gif 2.3k

flameline.gif 2.8k {animated}

flameline2.gif 26k {animated}

garfield.gif 5k

garfieldtiedup.gif 18k

laserbar.gif 9k {animated}

light.gif 13.5k {animated}

lightbar.gif 2.6k

love.gif 64k

maiden.gif 20k

moonfairy.gif 16k

mouse.gif 73.3k {animated}

panther.gif 43k {animated}

redline.gif 24k {animated}

silvereyes.gif 8k {Thanks Mitch}

spiral.gif 17k {animated}

3rings.gif 16k {animated}

torch.gif 12.3k {animated}

unicorn.gif 43.7k {animated}

unicorn2.gif 11.0k

unicorn3.gif 8.2k

unicorn4.gif 19.7k {animated}

warpstars.gif 8k {animated}

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cap.gif 4.3k

cap2.gif 7.0k

cap3.gif 8.3k

cap4.gif 4.8k

cap5.gif 7.1k

cap6.gif 3.8k

cap7.gif 4.4k

cap8.gif 3.8k

cap9.gif 18k

cap10.gif 10k

cap11.gif 7k

cap12.gif 10k

cap13.gif 8k

cap14.gif 9k

cap15.gif 11k

cap16.gif 14k

cap17.gif 6k

cap18.gif 15k

cap19.gif 9k {Thanks Mitch}

cap20.gif 10k

cap21.gif 19k

cap22.gif 14k

capcom.gif 14k

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